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New equipment move-in (time-lapse video)

One of our employees put together a time-lapse video of the move-in of the new equipment (and the associated shuffling of old equipment).  Fun to watch!  Thanks to rigger Checkmate Industries for another smooth and efficient installation of new equipment!

New CNC mills and compressor!

We took advantage of special pre-IMTS pricing to upgrade 3 of our older mills, plus we also upgraded our air compressor.  We purchased two mills from Ganesh Machinery, the VFM-4024 and VFM-5127, both equipped with tool and part probing.  We also purchased a Kitamura HX250G, similarly equipped with tool and part probing.  We hope to upgrade the HX250G with a pallet pool in 2017.  Our 5HP Sullair screw-type compressor was already having a tough time keeping up with our air consumption in the shop, so we upgraded to at Atlas-Copco GA15VSD+ 20HP screw type compressor with integrated dryer.  Very quiet!

kitamura-hx250g ganesh-vfm-5127 ganesh-vfm-4024 atlas-copco-ga15vsd

92,000 parts!

We continue to grow our production volumes.  In 2015 we delivered over 92,000 parts to our customers!

84,000 parts!

In 2014, we shipped over 84,000 parts to our customers. Not bad for our little 3500 square foot shop!

Ganesh Cyclone 52-BY2!

In December 2013, we added a brand new Ganesh Cyclone 52-BY2 lathe to our shop, with an attached 12′ magazine bar feeder (2″ capacity). This 9-axis lathe can run fully unattended (e.g., lights out at night), auto-loading new bars of material and sending finished parts out the conveyor belt. There’s nothing better than opening the shop in the morning to see a basket full of beautiful finished parts waiting for us!


New Cosen CNC saw!

We recently replaced our old automatic band saw with a new unit from Cosen, the C-260NC. It works great, dramatically improving our ability to efficiently and accurately cut our metal stock before it goes into our CNC machines.


New Doosan CNC mill!

We just added a brand new Doosan DNM400 mill to our shop, taking us to 5 CNC mills. The DNM400 is a great mill. Fast, very accurate, super finishes!


Solidworks Premium!

This past week we purchased an upgrade to SolidWorks. Now we have SolidWorks Premium. We needed the upgrade for a couple of new robotics projects we’re working on, where we need to do stress analysis on an assembly of components.